Now Available at Stout Irish Pub

Good thing about living in Europe is getting to try samples before committing to a private order!

A while ago I put Jopen in contact with Ben at BW Beverage and am now proud to support some of the best Dutch craft beer by bringing it to Toronto’s Stout Irish Pub.

This ode to the Rye grain (70% of the mash!) pours like a slow maple syrup.
It features a rich maltiness. The milk chocolate and hazelnut notes remind of Nutella, while the dried fruit aromas lean more toward dates and figs. A light roasted coconut note is noticeable. And the Rye is present with characteristic peppery spice and smoke touches. Extremely smooth; alcohol is subdued and sweetness balanced.

Available now at Stout Irish Pub (Toronto) along with Barmhartige Samaritaan and Meesterstuk 2017 (Bowmore BA).

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