Busy Week

How was my week? BUSY!

Besides my regular schedule of slinging beers at Amsterdam’s best shops and curating Toronto’s finest lineups I squeezed in 2 guided tastings🕺

Tasting 1 was a private tasting as an introduction into what beer can be. We sampled through a wide range of styles, from Hefeweizen to Stout, from New England IPA to Oude Geuze. That last one turned out to be the group favourite!

Tasting 2 was class #103 in J&B Craft Drinks monthly beer class. This edition focused on Wild and/or Sour Beers and why those terms aren’t always interchangeable. While discussing what makes beer wild we tasted our way through Brett Beers, Wild fermented Saison, Kettle Sours, Flemish Red and Lambic, and then some more.

If you’re looking to organise a Beer tasting feel free to contact me. I love introducing more people to the wide world of Beer!

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